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Monkey Magic
Monkey Magic

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MessageSujet: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Jeu 3 Jan - 20:01

Pour la saison 2008 de TA ou faire du Drift, GRUIII Power, Gbee achète là c'est un monstre!!!

Here she is at Tsukuba :

Here she is in her Drift setup :

Hi all,

Another of our very special cars is offered for sale, after a successful and completely reliable series of uses we are letting another of our babies go into the big wide world… The first real race-car we made is sadly no longer required for 2008 and her purpose with us has been seen through…and we would like to find a new owner for her…..

We are offering our Nissan 350Z for sale. This car was built as a demonstrator for Sumo’s parts lineup for the 350Z and was built in our race shop in early 2005 and was the first professional drift car within Europe at that time. Having been campaigned throughout 2005 and 2006 with huge following and success in the Drifting events the car entered the 2007 Time Attack Series after a major re-fit and re-spec and was driven by Andy Barnes and BTCC’s Mark Lemmer in Time Attack’s Pro Class. With over 500bhp and massive torque its one of the most powerful 350Z’s in Europe. Recently the car participated in Japan at Tsukuba circuit and was driven by Andy as well as brief stint by Tarzan Yamada, both setting a time of 1m03secs at Tsukuba. The car has also just finished a tour of Autobacs and YellowHat stores in Yokohama and Tokyo for Autogylm Japan and will return to the UK in February. As well as this the car has been seen all over Europe and has graced the front covers and inside’s of countless magazines and appeared on various DVD’s and videos. It is also listed in the Hyper Rev book of 350Z which was recently published in Japan.

On its return from Japan the car requires a small service at Sumo and can be put back to Drift spec or left as Time Attack spec to suit its new owner. The car is not road legal and does not have an SVA and we do not offer to this as an option. It was a JDM Fairlady which we imported ourselves in 2004 with 6000kms on the clock. The engine was built by HKS and was also completely refurbished a year ago prior to the 2007 season by HKS using new bearings, seals and piston rings as well as a new GT3240 turbo replacing the tired one. Since then the car has done a couple of test days and 4 Time Attack events in the UK and 1 in Japan ( hardly any use ). Whilst in Japan the car also had a new custom-made ARC intercooler installed which increased boost pressure and efficiency and was remapped slightly to account for the increase in performance by Do-Luck ( who originally mapped the car ). The car runs on HKS Fcon VPro ECU and comes with a locked map which will not be unlocked for the new owner. The engine runs perfect at this power but also has the opportunity for further boost and tuning if required as the turbine will run at 580bhp if pushed ( you would need larger fuel injectors to achieve this power ). The car uses Sunoco GT fuel and is not mapped for ‘normal fuel’. After each and every use on track the car ( as with all our cars ) was stripped, cleaned and serviced therefore it is a clean, maintained working machine, inside and out and maintained to a high level of service.

The car is a racecar not a street car and to date we have spent around £90,000 on this car.

We are offering the car for sale at £35,000, included in this price is the desired setting ( drift or TA ), a spares package of various breakable components such as carbon propshaft, drive shafts, rods, ends etc, the spare D6 wheels ( 8 wheels total ) and setup advice. Also optional is a brand new HKS engine which we have never used and is the same spec as the one in the car already, the engine is for sale at £7,000 by itself or £5,000 if bought with the car. The car’s rollcage and fuelling system meets FIA N-GT spec and therefore the car could be used in various race championships for FIA or MSA regs ( you’d need to check the suitability of this ). As with all our cars which we reluctantly part with, the new owner will also be able to buy parts at cost from us to maintain the car as they need in future.

We are willing to sell her in the UK or overseas and she can be delivered anywhere in the world ( at yuor cost ).


2004 JDM Nissan Fairlady 350Z – Original Weight : 1490 kilos, now 1320 kilos ( without fuel/driver)

Engine : 3.5 litre V6 VQ35DET Engine – Power : 504bhp at Engine, 560 ftlbs Torque ( As tested on Dyno Dynamics rolling road using 1.1bar of boost pressure )

Engine Spec by Sumo Power
Engine Assembly by HKS Europe
Engine Management Mapping by Do-Luck
Car Built & Owned by Sumo Power
Car Driven by Andy Barnes, Mark Lemmer, Tarzan Yamada, Tim Marshall

Specification :


Do-Luck Front Bumper
Do-Luck Rear Bumper
Do-Luck Side Skirts
Do-Luck Lift Up Bonnet – Carbon Fibre Race Version
Do-Luck Rear Quarter Panels ( Wide Version ) – Carbon Fibre
Do-Luck Front Wings ( Wide Version ) – Carbon Fibre
Do-Luck 3D Carbon Rear Wing
Do-Luck CNC Rear Wing Mounts
Speedshop Carbon Tailgate
Sumo Power Lexan Side Windows
Sumo Power Lexan Side Rear Windows
Sumo Power Lexan Rear Window
Sumo Power Carbon Air Intake
Sumo Power Rear Number Plate – Carbon Fibre
Sumo Power Lightened Doors
Craft Square Carbon Door Mirrors ( GT Type )
Dry Break Fuel Fitting Entry
Dry Break Fuel Breather
Earls Braided Breather Lines
Fuel Breather Bobble Vent
PIAA Windscreen Wipers
Lifeline Remote External Fire Extinguisher Button
Cartek Battery Isolator Remote Button
Sumo Power Time Attack Decals
Sumo Power Pink Paint


Do-Luck Steering Wheel Boss Kit ( Removable )
Momo Steering Wheel
Lifeline Electrical Fire Extinguisher System
Hauser Racing Roll Cage ( Meets FIA GT-N Spec ) – Custom made – Welded In
HKS Chrono Meters – Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Press, Fuel Press, Water Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp
Whelens Strobe Lamp Kit for Headlamps
Hydraulic Handbrake
AAR Racing Seats – Paris Dakar Version ( FIA Approved )
TeamTech 5 Point Racing Harness ( SFI Approved )
Sumo Power Harness Eyebolts
Sumo Power Seat Mountings
AP Racing Brake Bias Valve
Trust Gearknob
Carbing Pedal Set
Cartek Battery Electronic Solid State Isolator
Cartek Isolator Control Button
Lifeline Fire Bomb Switch
OMP Passenger Footwell Plate
Reverie Battery Box & Clamp – Carbon Fibre
Red Top Racing Battery
Checker-Plate Drivers Footwell
Additional Electrical Fuse Box
HKS Trigger Switch
HKS Mixture Controller Switch


HKS GT3240 Turbine
ARC Intercooler Core ( fabricated to Sumo Spec )
HKS GT Wastegate 50mm
HKS Air temp Sensor
HKS Map Sensor
HKS Silicone Boost Lines
HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs
HKS Oil Cooler & Braided Lines
HKS In-Tank Fuel Pump
HKS F-Con V-Pro ECU & Loom
HKS Oil Cap Limited Edition D1
HKS Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
HKS Hiper Muffler Exhaust
HKS Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump
Power Enterprise 510cc Fuel Injectors
Power Enterprise Baffled Sump
Sumo Power Fuel Rails
Sumo Power Spec Billet Conrods
Sumo Power Spec Forged Pistons 8.5:1 Compression
Sumo Power Water Line Kit
Sumo Power Inlet Plenum Surge Tank
Sumo Power Billet Engine Mounts
Fuel Swirl Pot
Nissan VH45 90mm Throttle Body
ARC Prestige Water Radiator
Electric Radiator Fans ( 2 )
Electric Oil Cooler Fan (1)
Earls Braided Fuel Lines & Fittings
Earls Dry Break Fuel Dump
Samco Water Hoses
Nismo Water Thermostat
Greddy Billet Oil Catch Tank
Baffled and Sponged Fuel Tank with modified pickups
Turbonetics Turbo Piping Kit ( modified )
Castrol Edge 10-60 Engine Oil
Sunoco GT 105 Octane Fuel

Transmission and Running Gear

Carbonetic Carbon Fibre Twin Plate Clutch
Standard 6 Speed Gearbox
Sumo Power Solid Gearbox Mounting
Alcon 6 Pot MonoBlock Brake Calipers
Alcon 355mm Discs
Performance Friction Brake Pads
Complete Braided Brake Line System Throughout ( no original brake system – no ABS )
Alcon 4 pot MonoBlock callipers & Discs
Ohlins 3way GT Suspension Damper Kit – Full Coilover system ( different from normal 350Z )
Do-Luck Suspension Springs, Front & Rear
Cusco Front Camber Kit
Sumo Power Rear Toe Rods
Sumo Power Rear Subframe Kit
Sumo Power Subframe & Hub Lock Kit
Do-Luck Steering Rods
Do-Luck Rear Camber Arms
Do-Luck Rear Traction Rods
Do-Luck Strut Brace
Nismo Front Anti-Roll Bar
HKS Kansai Rear Anti-Roll Bar & adjusters
Nismo Front and Rear Roll-Bar Bushings
Kaaz 2way Differential
Sumo Power Diff Oil Catch Pot
Sumo Power Carbon Fibre Propshaft
Earls Braided Clutch Cylinder Line

Wheels and Tyres

Do-Luck Double Six Wheels – Front 8J X 18, Rear 10J X 18
Toyo Tires R888 Tyres – Front 245/40/18 Rear 275/35/18

More pictures can be found here ( most recent ones ) :

[URL=More 350Z pictures][/URL]

Email me to ask questions etc :

pig pig pig
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Senpai Drift
Senpai Drift

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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Jeu 3 Jan - 20:51

Mon rêve Cool Sans cette couleur de gayzz bien sur Laughing
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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Jeu 3 Jan - 21:49

Celle que j'avais posé devant pendant le PTS2006, ah la premiere fois que je voyais une caisse d'homme (enfin euh lol! )

Ahlala alors conversion

£35.000 livres = environs 53000 roros Shocked

Ca me laisse de longues années pour économiser lol!

Et bonne vente a SUMO POWER Laughing
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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Jeu 3 Jan - 22:26

affraid affraid affraid porquoi je gagne pas au lotto moi.... j adore cette caisse et la couleur aussi.... Twisted Evil love:: pffff j en ai marre,je vait aller faire un casse.... lol!
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Senpai Drift
Senpai Drift

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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Ven 4 Jan - 0:10

je vais la prendre je pense ..............

j ai hipotequé ma femme lol!

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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Ven 4 Jan - 20:49

Ah bah voilà ce qu'il me faut en daily drive, mais euh...ils acceptent les crédit sur 100ans?
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Slip King
Senpai Drift
Senpai Drift

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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Sam 5 Jan - 12:00

pas cher quand tu vois le prix d'une Z stock d'occase,

mais bon la stock on sais rouler sur route avec p::::p
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Sensei Drift
Sensei Drift

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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   Lun 7 Jan - 17:42

Ouf ça fais mal ! !! ! Elle est superbe !
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MessageSujet: Re: [A VENDRE] 350Z SUMOPOWER !!!   

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